Monday, December 28, 2009

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vans Warped Tour 2009 - Milwaukee, WI

Vans Warped Tour was a plethora of non-stop raw talent. With 7 stages running at different intervals, there was always some sort of crazy anti-lucid affair transpiring for all those in attendance.

Sassy and sharp is an understatement for this female fronted punk rock band. Lead singer and guitarist, Tatiana DeMaria, is a force to be reckoned with! The U.K. band started out in 2003 as a quartet and by 2004 had released two singles, "Peace Sex & Tea" and "Pessimist", independently through EX Records. In 2006, TAT landed an eight day spot on the Vans Warped Tour where they came and conquered. The tour after seeing their mind blowing performance offered TAT the rest of the tour totaling 28 days in all. TAT since has given supporting performances for notable musicians such as The Bouncing Souls, NOFX, and Alice Cooper, and was even brought back in 2008 and again in 2009 to play the entire Warped Tour.

Their energy was booming from the moment they walked out on the Hurley stage of the Vans Warped Tour 2009. TAT's performance was raw and offensive, their song lyrics painfully real and succinct. The audience, although admittedly unaware of the band prior to this day, was captivated and absorbed into this provoking performance. But it didn't stop there! TAT kept the momentum going throughout the entire performance and continued to bring forth the pain and reality of this world we call earth.

Tatiana DeMaria has proven to be fierce and passionate on the mic and mind blowing on the guitar. When backed by Nick Kent on bass and Jake Reed on the drums, the trio is unstoppable. TAT was very reminiscent of Joan Jett, and had the ability to bring forth the indecency and rage that many modern day punk bands lack.

Be sure to check out the band's debut album, Soho Lights. Out now!! And be on the lookout for their U.S. tour with Social Distortion in September 2009!

With enough energy to light up any stage, Chris #2 aka Chris Barker and Chris Head with original members Justin Sane and Pat Thetic took over the main stage of the tour. Their performance was all but boring and well entertaining. Jumping from speakers and trashing across the stage, it is no wonder Anti-Flag has become so notorious for their savage music and outrageous performances. The music screamed across the park as fans thrust their bodies against each other. With numerous members of the crowd running in unison around in circles, we aimed to get the largest circle pit in Wisconsin! There was never a dull moment during this performance.

Be on the lookout for Anti-Flag’s tenth album, The People or the Gun, recently released on June 9, 2009.

With little to no introduction needed, this duo, Sean Matthew Foreman and Nathaniel Warren Set Motte, is quite possibly one of the quickest rising groups in America today. With only first joining forces in 2004, these two have hit the charts fast and hard with platinum-certified single “Don’t Trust Me.”

These Boulder, CO natives brought their well known uncouth pick-up lines along with their riveting bass lines to the stage and rapidly had the entire crowd moving to their coarse performance. As hands flew in the air remarking the infamous “3OH!3” icon it was apparent the lust and envy that radiated from this massive crowd. Be on the lookout for their latest hit “Starstrukk” bringing it back to the hip hop roots we all know 3OH!3 for.

And for the record, 3OH!3 does not stand for the Roland synthesizer TB-303. As rumor has it, it is the Boulder/Denver area code 303!

Bad Religion
The last and final performance of the day was about taking it back to a time when punk was new and experimental. Vans Warped Tour left us with quite possibly, in admittance from the band, the last Wisconsin performance from this highly innovative band. They brought us one of our own, Greg Graffin, from Racine, WI alongside original members Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley, and accompanied by Greg Hetson, Brian Baker, and Brooks Wackerman. They brought us Bad Religion.

As I watched the brightly colored outfits of the younger attendees of the tour walk away from the tour’s main stage, a part of my heart sank. I knew we wouldn’t be here today had it not been for the following band about to perform. A band that quite possibly may have taken the leading roles of the revival of what we could call the punk movement.

Formed in 1980, Bad Religion released their first full-length album, How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, in 1982. They were quickly recognized for their vocal synchronization and complex vocabulary. As they grew as a band, their music became more and more understood as the leading force for punk. Today they are one of the widest recognized punk bands around, and well deserved for the title. It was performance that was highly irreplaceable.

Quotes of the Day:

“I like you so much better when you’re naked!”
– random sticker on the floor of the main stage mosh pit

"It smells like dude toots in here!"
- Nick Thompson, Hit the Lights

"It all depends on what you say and how you look."
- Sean Foreman, 3OH!3

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Day at Summerfest

I had expected to spend multiple days at Summerfest. In reality I wanted to go the full ten days but life throws little obstacles at you and sometimes what you want to do and what you can actually do end up being two separate things. However, that didn't stop me in the least to getting there and making the best and most of my time!

We left fairly early that Thursday afternoon wanting to beat the traffic and get as much time in at the festival as we could. My little brother joined me. He's so sweet chaperoning me yet again on one of my little photographing escapades. Really, he is quite patient to put up with my crap and I love him for that! I'm not sure what I would do without him? Perhaps be lonely on my escapades... Well on this day I was not lonely nor did we hit any dreaded traffic. We made good time and with my accidental left-hand turn, ended up at the festival without ever coming to a stop. We reached the parking lot with the greatest of ease and parked. For some reason I doubt this was the case for the other entrances but somehow that one wrong turn ended up being a right turn and got me to the Marcus Amphitheater parking lot which on this day was open to the public. Can't argue with that, right?

So we walked into the grounds and started our adventure. For the first hour or so we walked around in circles; me following my brother and my brother following me. It wasn't until my brother asked where we were going that we realized that we were walking around in circles following each other because neither of us had yet acquired a destination. All was not lost! We were now well acquainted with the locations of everything within the festival, so we head over to a side stage where a live reggae band was playing. My brother had suggested going here, and I had no complaints as the atmosphere and music was stunning!

Projekt Milwaukee

We eventually left the reggae band in an intermittent break to go to the dj stage. When we got there, it was packed with dancers! The dj was rockin' the ones and twos and really throwing down. Being so early in the day, I was surprised at the amount of people dancing! We hung around for awhile until they had another break in music. My brother and I decided it was a good time to go for a little walk, so we walked around for awhile then returned back to the dj stage as Projekt Milwaukee was set to go on. Milwaukee Projekt did well representing the EDM scene of Milwaukee as they always do.

My brother and I ran into Mr. VIP who jokingly stated he would be closing off the left side of the stage for his friends, and that he felt bad that he would have to make everyone move. I laughed back wondering his sincerity in this little project. Bewildered I watched as he flagged down the stage manager as my phone rang. It was my friend from up in the promotional department of Summerfest, and lucky for me she had good news! I had been approved to photograph Paramore and No Doubt. I had to be over by the Amp within the hour to be escorted to the photo pit. I returned to where Sir Fice was playing and took as many pictures as I could of him before taking off running to the Amp. I made it with time to spare even!


We filed one after another into the photo pit of the Marcus Amphitheater. My stage fright was starting to set in. I knew I didn't have to perform or anything but the mere fact that I was standing in front of hundreds of people was making me a bit anxious like I might meet my doom. I'm sure you've had the feeling... You know like when you walk to the front of the class about to give a long winded speech. Yes! Something similar to that but replace the classroom with hundreds of people!

While I stood there waiting for Paramore, my mind started to be at ease as I remember I wasn't the one about to perform. I started to wonder what I should expect. I had never heard any of Paramore's music before, and although a huge fan of No Doubt I wasn't quite sure I would enjoy this new band. Even though I had heard good things about the band, I had no idea what to expect. I felt a little naive in that sense.

The 19 year old lead singer, Hayley Williams, ran out on the stage jumping around with her bright reddish orange hair flying at every angle. I was surprised by her powerful presence. She took over the stage and immediately got the crowds intertwined into her performance.

The remainder of their performance was great! They had awesome energy throughout and the music was actually quite to my taste. My favorite part of their show was when Hayley Williams pointed to the center of the stage where Jeremy Davis (bass guitar) flipped over Taylor York (lead guitar). It was one of the coolest things I have quite possibly ever seen! Unfortunately, my camera missed all the action.

No Doubt

The lights went out. The room turned completely black. I felt the sheet dropped right onto my feet. In between the crowds' screams, I could hear the commotion somewhere in the darkness that engulfed me. Then the lights went on and there they stood; larger than life black silhouettes on the white sheet. No Doubt had no doubt entered the building!

As the stage hands put the large sheet into containers at the front of the stage, Gwen Stefani (vocals), Adrian Young (drums), Tony Kanal (bass), Tom Dumont (guitarist), Stephen Bradley (horns & keyboard), and Gabrial McNair (horns & keyboard) ran across the stage to their positions. They didn't waste any time jumping into their hits and brought it back to the 90s. Having grown up listening to songs like Don't Speak and Spiderwebs repeatedly over my walkman, it was a very surreal experience for me. Three songs were what we were allowed to photograph and for three songs I just continued to snap shots one after another.

My favorite part of the performance was when Gwen slowly skanked her way across the stage posing for brief seconds on every beat. She and the rest of the band were all over the place dancing and jumping and skanking. They really put on a show, and Gwen, she hasn't aged one bit. She is just as gorgeous as she was years ago when I saw her for the first time with the release of her Tragic Kingdom album. It is good to see No Doubt back on the circuit!


After filing out of the No Doubt pit, I took off running to the Whitesnake stage to photograph them. Little did I know the troubles I was about to endure with getting beyond the security point. The agent I was working with had emailed me after I had left earlier that day telling me to ask for the tour manager. Unfortunately I did not know this until days later. I stood at the gate trying to convince the security guard that I in fact had permissions from Whitesnake to photograph them. After a few songs they finally found the tour manager and allowed me in. I was a little perturbed at first but quickly put that behind me when I saw the legendary David Coverdale standing in front of me. Whitesnake was awesome! Over the years, they have not lost their ability to perform. They were dancing around moving the crowd and getting down. Guitarist Doug Aldrich flirted with my camera and it was quite alright. I didn't mind and I don't think my camera minded it either.

Richie Hawtin

Next I made my way back to the dj stage where Richie Hawtin was playing. It was time to meet up with my people and chill-ax for the night. As I walked thru the crowd to find the "left speaker posse" I noticed many different people dancing and having a good time. Many familiar faces were surrounding me and although I would have loved to sit and chat, I was on a mission. I made a couple stops to take some quick shots. Caught Lucky in the act of being... well... Lucky? Then I was directed by a couple of guys to take a pic of some girl's butt crack as she made out with some dude. (Get a room guys!) Then it was back on my mission.... left speaker posse... because it is all about the LSP! Not to be confused with the RSP! Finally I reached my spot and made myself at home. I spent the remainder of the night bobbing my head to techno taking few pictures but enjoying myself nonetheless. And who would have thought, Mr. VIP was part of the LSP! Imagine that! It's a small world, eh?

So ends my fun filled time at Summerfest. I was very sad to see my short time there come to an end, but there is always next year!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Country USA with Lady Antebellum

James Otto

It's no wonder James Otto can claim the Most Played at Country Radio and Billboard's no. 1 Hot Country Song of 2008 with his album's first single, "Just Got Started Lovin' You." His super upbeat style is sure to get any crowds booty shaking!

Along with his energetic band, James Otto got everyone from the front row to the very back row of the audience out of their seats! Being that it was day five and the final day of the festival I was quite surprised at this venture, but who can resist a good beat and catchy lyrics. The crowd loved him! I even found myself falling in love with his beats as my hips swayed back and forth as I walked through the crowds. I guess this means will add James Otto to my list of hot new artists. He has made a lasting first impression on the country industry, and I think we will be hearing of him in the years to come!

And for the record.... James Otto's song "Drink & Dial" is one that should be played at the end of every night:

"You know friends don't let their friends drink and dial."

Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum was my most anticipated act of the entire weekend. I had never heard any of their music but from the get go there was something about this group that grabbed my attention. It could have been their catchy name, Lady Antebellum, or the raving reviews of their music. I went into this performance blindly, not knowing what to expect, but expecting great things all the same. They did not let me down.

There was a lot of energy behind the performance and the music wasn't all that bad either. Charles Kelley, the male lead singer, was running all over the stage dancing and making a spectacle for the crowds. He had an intense amount of vigor. Hillary Scott, although quiet and not as outgoing as her male counterpart, was still able to bring a little something to the show. She was very sweet and lovable on top of her voice being quite simply breathtaking. You can tell that this was where she was meant to be and that country music flows through her veins.

The only complaint I have is that I would have liked to see more of a stage presence from Hillary Scott. At times she acted as though she felt a little uncomfortable on stage, but at the same time that charisma may have been what made me fall in love with her all the same. This group knows what they want and knows how to get it!

Gretchen Wilson

Prior commitments left me missing Gretchen Wilson's entire performance; however, I was able to catch her in the Y100 tent before leaving the grounds. She was a very sweet and down to Earth lady. Seeing her interview was a nice way to end the festival. I already can't wait until next year!

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Next stop.... Summerfest!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Day on the General Grounds of Country USA

First and foremost, what a diversified group of people at Country USA! You have everyone from the stereotypical redneck in a cowboy hat and cowboy shoes to the jock jamming, booty dancing club people representing at this 5 day festival. There were so many different people with so many different styles and personalities. It is amazing that they are all in one place. Not to mention people of all ages!

On this day, day four of Country USA, I made my way around the grounds of the festival. I finally got to see the carnival with its Ferris wheel and scrambler rides. I walked around all the impossible carnival games as the roadies tried to convince me to give them their money. I shopped a little and picked out a few souvenirs for myself and my family. I even took one for the team and rode a mechanical bull! This was the first time all week that I arrived early enough to enjoy all these amenities, and boy was I missing out. There really is something for everyone here!After looking around the mini carnival and shops, I made my way to the campgrounds. Here I finally realized I had been in the wrong part of the festival all week! I had been missing out on the real party as the real party was in the campgrounds! People were dancing on top of buses and trucks and anything that they could make a stage out of. Everyone was stumbling around as if it were bar time not 4:00 in the afternoon.

Hey! It's 5:00 somewhere, right?

There were signs located at every other site with little jokes or sayings.

My favorite site was Margaritaville. They had all kinds of games set up. The decorations were very fitting and of course, the pirate flag. Everyone in Margaritaville was having fun and who could blame them! They were at the biggest party in the Fox Cities! I now know next year where to be and where you should be too!

"Wastin away again in Margaritaville!"

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