Monday, July 6, 2009

Country USA with Lady Antebellum

James Otto

It's no wonder James Otto can claim the Most Played at Country Radio and Billboard's no. 1 Hot Country Song of 2008 with his album's first single, "Just Got Started Lovin' You." His super upbeat style is sure to get any crowds booty shaking!

Along with his energetic band, James Otto got everyone from the front row to the very back row of the audience out of their seats! Being that it was day five and the final day of the festival I was quite surprised at this venture, but who can resist a good beat and catchy lyrics. The crowd loved him! I even found myself falling in love with his beats as my hips swayed back and forth as I walked through the crowds. I guess this means will add James Otto to my list of hot new artists. He has made a lasting first impression on the country industry, and I think we will be hearing of him in the years to come!

And for the record.... James Otto's song "Drink & Dial" is one that should be played at the end of every night:

"You know friends don't let their friends drink and dial."

Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum was my most anticipated act of the entire weekend. I had never heard any of their music but from the get go there was something about this group that grabbed my attention. It could have been their catchy name, Lady Antebellum, or the raving reviews of their music. I went into this performance blindly, not knowing what to expect, but expecting great things all the same. They did not let me down.

There was a lot of energy behind the performance and the music wasn't all that bad either. Charles Kelley, the male lead singer, was running all over the stage dancing and making a spectacle for the crowds. He had an intense amount of vigor. Hillary Scott, although quiet and not as outgoing as her male counterpart, was still able to bring a little something to the show. She was very sweet and lovable on top of her voice being quite simply breathtaking. You can tell that this was where she was meant to be and that country music flows through her veins.

The only complaint I have is that I would have liked to see more of a stage presence from Hillary Scott. At times she acted as though she felt a little uncomfortable on stage, but at the same time that charisma may have been what made me fall in love with her all the same. This group knows what they want and knows how to get it!

Gretchen Wilson

Prior commitments left me missing Gretchen Wilson's entire performance; however, I was able to catch her in the Y100 tent before leaving the grounds. She was a very sweet and down to Earth lady. Seeing her interview was a nice way to end the festival. I already can't wait until next year!

For more pictures check (now posted!)

Next stop.... Summerfest!

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