Friday, June 5, 2009

How to Open a Mac

To my amazement while I sat work today, the FedEx guy stopped by with this package for me:

Words cannot express the excitement I had when the delivery guy said, "Package for Jean." I knew exactly what it was! It was the newest addition to my multimedia battleship. Lucky for me I only had to work a half day, so I only had an hour to wait to unwrap my new MAC!!!

Here is my tutorial on how to open one of these magnificent pieces of technology!

Supplies needed:

* One medium size, slightly heavy cardboard box containing the beautiful piece of machinery. It should in fact be addressed to you. If the package is in fact addressed to someone else, please make sure you have proper permission to open before proceeding. But then again I won't tell if you don't!

* One pair of scissors, but be sure not to run with them! Unless it makes you feel like a rebel, then by all means. Just don't hurt yourself.

Step 1: Carefully cut the tape the long way to ensure a quick and proper entry into the box.

Step 2: Then cut both of the small horizontal pieces of tape. You can try to rip them with your hands but this will not ensure a clean cut, and maybe frustrating if you are not in physical strength.

Step 3: Carefully pull up both tabs. I would suggest at this point take a brief moment to pause as the following couple steps are crucial, so take a deep breath because yes we are going in!

Step 4: Carefully lie the package on the side and prepare to pull the white box out of the brown cardboard box.

Step 5: Next you will have to gracefully remove these little cardboard corners that have kept the machinery held in place within its box.

Step 6: Remove plastic wrapping! We are getting so close I bet you can taste it!

Step 7: Bask in its rays!

Step 8: Next cut the tape to ensure yet another clean cut. You may want to keep this box as a souvenir in the years to come.

Step 9: Go ahead! Lift the top! I know you want to! Do it quickly! You're almost there!

Step 10: Ooooo! Yes! That is it! Your first glimpse of heaven!

Step 11: Take a few seconds and just stare at this marvel! You will appreciate taking your time in this process and letting it all in slowly when this is complete.

Step 12: Now go ahead and take it out of the box. Handle it with extreme care, next to having children, this will be the most wonderful experience of your life! Holding the machine in your hands for the very first time!!

Step 13: Feel the smooth and silky surface as you take it out of the sleeve!

Step 14: Now set it down and open it up! Look at that fresh screen! Isn't it amazing? If you haven't been photo blogging this as I have, run and get your camera! You MUST take a picture of this remarkably perfect screen. It is completely smudgeless and fingerprint free. I know as well as you that this won't last forever, so take a picture!

Step 15: Make sure you hold and cuddle and love your Mac. This friendship will last a lifetime!

To be continued....


  1. jean, thats how my mac opening went!
    i cuddled my giant imac and we made a video of "the first turning on of the mac"
    aww mac luv

    xox sfunk